Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton
by Wayne Cooper (1942-     )
Perkins resident, Frank Eaton (1860-1958),
was a colorful character out of the Old West -
cowboy, scout, deputy U. S. Marshal, author
and living model for the OSU Cowboy.

Nacheninga (No Heart)
by Wayne Cooper (1942-     )
No Heart, also known as Notchimine
(1792-1862), was a distinguished Chief
of the Ioway and gained his name
by his feats of bravery.


   “Pistol Pete is a legend, the challenge to creating this piece was being able to match the man with the legend. In art we often have the advantage of being abstract with our pieces, but Frank did all the creating with the amazing life he led. It was my job to relay this life, this story, this legend into bronze.”
   “I had the fortune of meeting Pistol Pete when I was a young kid. He was such a short man in life, but in my memory he was larger than a mountain. There I was standing in front of a guy whom I believed to only exist in stories; it was almost like meeting Superman. It’s that chance meeting that inspired this piece.”        - Wayne Cooper

End Of The Trail
by James Fraser (1876-1953)
Donated by Cecil & Carol Acuff

Buffalo Horse
by Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
Donated by Kinder-Wells Partners

Bronco Buster
by Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
Donated by Payne County Bank     


Trooper Of The Plains
by Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
Donated by Sasser & Company Antiques


About Wayne Cooper

   Wayne Cooper was born in 1942 in Depew, Oklahoma where his talent was recognized at an early age. Intense artistic training began with Woody Crumbo, Famous Artist School, Gary Artist League, Valparaiso University, American Atelier in New York City, also Kerrville, Texas at the Cowboy artists of America Museum, under such artists as Joe Beeler and Howard Terpening.
   His professional career started in 1964 in Chicago and continued to New York City from 1974 to 1981. He then returned to Oklahoma to paint and sculpt Western & Native American subjects.
   Cooper specializes in large canvases, which he has painted and sculpted through out the last decade.  With 12 commissions currently hanging in the Oklahoma State Capital he has been asked for two more, which are underway in his studio.  
   Cooper’s knowledge combined with his amazing talent to depict such strong feelings and emotion onto canvas and in bronze sculptures makes him, not only a well sought after artist for collectors, but for museums and historical preservationists as well.  With such a widespread popularity, he has been listed and written about in a vast variety of publications, dictionaries and directories within our states and abroad.  He has graced several galleries, museums and other venues with many “One Man Shows” and “Special Shows” that span across the globe, which has landed his art is an array of prestigious private and public collections in over fifteen countries.